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Tyran.io is a 2D battle royale game. Your objective is to kill as many players while staying alive. There is a border that constantly shrinks, and when you touch it you receive damage, requiring you to stay out of its range.

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News & Updates

18 August 2020

  • Added golden Machete, Saber, Spear and Axe.
  • Added Viking Axe and Steel Sword.
  • Reduced the grenade and smoke timer.
  • Reduced dinosaurs life and their damages against players.
  • Increased pick up radius.
Minor Update

09 August 2020

  • The game should load much faster.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the game to get stuck on Loading.

07 August 2020

  • Added settings with possibility to change game keys.
  • The ammo associated to each weapon is now displayed.
  • You can no longer spawn in buildings.
  • Display locked emote and skins.
  • Fixed some bugs in the game and in the map editor.

03 August 2020

  • Increased the range to open the doors.
  • Increased the amount of ammo you loot.
  • Increased the number of nests.
  • Reduced the sound, especially the player's footsteps.
  • Fixed a bug that made the player shoot when dragging and dropping weapons in the inventory.
Minor Update

01 August 2020

Bug fixes and added the number to #1 in the scoreboard.

30 July 2020

The game has been completely updated. There are new graphics, a new balance of the game, many bugs have been fixed and optimizations have been made. You can also use a map editor and share your ideas!

18 February 2019

Released version.

First version of the game was made by Ginoda.

Wiki Updates

9 September 2020

  • Enabled gadgets to the wiki.
  • Few aesthetical changes via CSS, mainly on user pages.

5 August 2020

Created a Wiki Discord.

1 August 2020

Created the wiki by Williek11.